Merry Soppiness: Cliché “Thank You Post”(Que The Grammy Nominations)

Hey everyone!

Well Xmas came and went like Santy in the night, quick, blink and you’d miss it..

With the festivities and merriment done, it is time for some of the work to begin. This year I am aiming to get out playing a bit more, juggling college and personal life aside, I would love to be able to preform some of my newer songs about.

In that view, I have a gig in early January as part of a talent competition in my local area of Kildare, more can be found on my facebook page (link at the end of this post 😉 ). I am excited due and part to any night I played these and got through to the next round, I felt very surprised. I have always struggled with lack of confidence, especially with my musical endeavours, it took a long time for me to even feel comfortable in my playing enough.

As we come to the new year, I am reflecting on the course of this last year. I  encountered a lot of challenges, some I have not discussed openly about and some I have, but I have come out of the end of it so to speak. I have received a lot of positive support from people and so much kind words, encouragement and boosts that sometimes I feel I can take on the world, and I would just like to say thank you, this is as clichéd as they come but honestly I really f*cking appreciate it..

I will be honest and say, some days I wake up, and think to myself “Dude, you’re twenty-five, you’re still living at home, you are in college studying music and there are supremely no guarantees of a financial stability in this field.. what are you doing??”, the huge  amount of naysaying I say to myself daily is staggering, coupled with my own struggles in myself. What keeps me inevitably going is that, I just bloody love music. I love writing, I love sitting down with a guitar, having nothing in my head and then a half hour later, a chord progression, a melody and some words… and that’s a part of me that is out in the world now. And I did that, that’s something tangible.


This turned into a very soppy post but I am regarding the year in the rollercoaster that it was.. and I am sure 2017 will be no different, but you know what I say? Bring it on like an A Bomb… 😉




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