I’ve Been Bitten By A Bug..

Happy nearly February, everybody….! 🙂


And what a month it has been in my camp. This month I have been out playing more, most recent adventure being a great open mic in Swords, Dublin. I have witnessed some great acts, some friends, some I have made friends with, but all equally unique and gifted.


BUT I WANT MORE!! I swear to god, it’s like a bug bit be me.. I am sat here on a quiet Saturday, and I have a burning desire to pack my six string, hustle on up to the bus and get to a venue. I am addicted for sure. It’s good thing I am playing again on Monday in the Workman’s Club, Dublin… 😉


What else.. what else…? OOOOH OOOOH OOOH!  Yeah, recently in college I recorded a new song, titled “Could It Be” and it has turned into quite the behemoth with lots of instrumentation going on,  it has been redone, with vocals the last thing to record, and I am off the edge of my seat to share it with everyone, so keep an eye out for that…!

I am itchy, edgy  for music to be shared and I don’t want to sit on anything for too long but I guess patience is a virtue, one thing I have to constantly remind myself of.. “it’s done when it’s done”. Haha.. grumble grumble 😉

That’s a wrap, gluten free with lots of lovely stuff in it, with fake meats if that’s your bag. I shall catch you next month, hopefully in the interim “Could It Be” will be free and freaky doing it’s thing, until then, toodles!


– Aaron


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