Could It Spiel

Good day everybody,

It has been a little while since I spoke to you all, and for that I apologize. As January melted it’s way into February, I was out playing, recording and doing general human stuff to, which got in the way of the type type..

February was bedlam, on the 28th, I recieved the final mix of “Could It Be” and in that moment, weeks of work came to the fold.. We had initially recorded the song in mid January but due to more instrumentation being added, the guitar and consequently a lot of the song had to be redone, and my oh my it was worth it. At one stage we were recording it in between lunches (it was in college).

That being done, now the song is live, on Soundcloud, Reverberation and Bandcamp, an the response has been mighty. Everyone is digging it and I am so happy, it has been a wonderful journey to this point. Only little two years ago I started writing songs to sing on as well, and I can’t believe at the pace it has all come. I gained 60 plus new likes on Facebook alone, and that’s on par to advertisement. I have been handing out leaflets I made in my local town, linking my song far and wide and been submitting to various online and on air radio stations.

This is just the beginning, I would love to get a video together for this song, so if anyone who is reading this would like to get involved and shoot a music video, holler, I have a TON of idea’s and I want to get some of it down!


If you haven”t heard the song yet and want to, here is the linkage 😉 :


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