Made It?

Good day readers,

Long time no type – type! The usual craic in between, but gazooks have I got news for you. As Of March 23rd, my new song “Could It Be” was cleared for Spotify and other online vendors!! 

To some of course, this would be a “meh” worthy news story, but for me it is a surreal point in my life. For me, it is the difference between being on youtube since 2007, and seeing all my old favourite bands from the living room, hearing their music on CD, then P2P file sharing, then streaming, and all the while thinking these were avenues I’d never reach if I pursued my musical ambitions.

Of course, for a musician wanting to do this for a living streaming sucks, especially the payout to which artists are due, it isn’t a whole lot to even buy a carton of milk, and indeed, I haven’t a HUGE  following. But if someone had asked myself in 2015, if I would have a song on  Spotify, I would have laughed and scoffed. That seemed unlikely to me, I was still jamming in my room, writing songs but not pursuing them outside of that.  It is just a great feeling to know  I am on a platform that is home to great artists and musicians alike. Will I get oodles of streams? Probably not. Will I get a bajillion dollars? Not a hope.

I have learnt a lot in two years, I have hit my head off brick walls sometimes trying to envision a way out of the hole I was in trying to “make” it as a musician. The answer, however is simple.. I have made it. I have written songs that people identify with, a buddy of mine said to me, my first recorded effort “Snakes & Ladders” means a lot to him, that he plays it a lot. That to me says I have made it. When I brought “Could It Be” to the studio,  piano was added, I was thrilled with that, then out of nowhere drums got added and bass. Suddenly it was this huge thing, big sounding song and it was a far cry from the low fi camera recording tunes I have made in my bedroom.

Success is not something tangible, as in you hear a grand symphony when you finally reach the top, in a great chorus fanfare “Dun dun dun dun duuuuuuun, well done, you have done it, you are a success!!!!” Success is a perspective, and the work that goes on behind that one moment you deem a success is what has brought you there. So all those cuts, brusies and tears are the victory speech. I guess, I am not finished of course, I want to keep doing it, recording, releasing, playing, but the moral of that story is, I can’t do it indefinitely. Soon I will be finished college, and the studio time won’t be free. That’s when the eventuality sets in, but that’s okay. It’s a slow race, if I rush ahead, I end up having no energy for when the challenges come, so as they say, slow and steady wins.


Well that is a wrap, reflections of my “career” so far in the bag. If you fancy hearing me on Spotify, the link is below. Have a great Sunday, and have a Happy Mother’s Day to the Mother’s! 🙂



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