“Count On It (Edit)”

Hey Everyone, How are things?

Things in Aaron J. HQ are quiet, as I am coming to the end of the college calendar. I find my schedule wind down a bit, so I am taking stock, and advantage of some R & R. But as things slow down, I am also planning the next phase.

I have been mad in the recording studio recently, and have been putting down some new songs, these songs including my current release shall be compiled on to an EP, for which the full release will be available in  Summer. The EP will be called “Count on it” and will feature three brand new songs. Formerly known as “Singing Songs Just To Sing”, I felt “Count On It” rolls off the tongue better, and conveys the message of the EP more.

I can at this stage confirm the track listing as follows:

  1.  Count On It
  2.  Could It Be
  3.  Love Story
  4.  Just Over Broke

I have been playing around with the idea of releasing an EP that focuses on all aspect of human relationship in the form of love, but two songs I wanted to include on this have not been recorded, so I scrapped that idea, and instead went through my back catalogue and recorded what I felt were my two best songs written in the past two years.

This EP will delve into a few areas thematically, expression, love, loss, and pressures of every day life and follow an introspective and an extrospective view, as we all feel internally and by an large interpet the world as a result of this.

The music on this, I feel is a great indication as to where I am right now and where I want to go as a musician, A lot of music inspired me when I was younger, and I think without being completely OTT, this EP encapsulates a small bit of this eclectic sound, especially opening track “Count On It” which has a little more attitude, rock n roll vibe to it.

I tried to write songs that everyone can sing along to, and also connect with and I hate writing songs that maybe only myself can relate to as is the fear of many artists when they draw deeply in their own experiences, but I find I hit a healthy balance of song writing to which I exorcised some of my own demons, and wrote some relate-able tracks to. However that will be judged by you, the people 😛 Haha

Alongside of the release, I will be looking to organise a showcase event in both Dublin and my local town, as an official launch gig, if anyone would like to get involved and help me organise this, I would reaaaaally appreciate it. This as with the release itself is still in the pipeline, as much as I am a forward thinker, setbacks have to be envisioned as well so hence why I haven’t put anything to a concrete date just yet.

Well that’s it, for another edition of my sporadic blog updates, thank you so much for reading and if you believe in my cause, please share, spread as far and wide also, sharing is caring 😛

Aaron x


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