Today is a hard day

Today is a hard day. It was always when I felt this way, I reached for the guitar, even if I didn’t do anything for more than five minutes. Recent events have transpired, where I don’t have access to a lot of my stuff, which includes my guitars.

I have been living out of a bag and for a few days it hasn’t bothered me, but today is a hard day. It seems a good night sleep can’t sate my anxiety anymore. I am starting to slip slowly down a hole and I am scared. I don’t know what is going to happen, only a few days ago it felt real but I was numb to the events. Now, as the minutes tick by, I am aware of the situation in and I find myself worrying.

I’m afraid to even post this, I don’t want to convey these things, as this is a form of “airing the dirty laundry out” for the whole world to see, but on the flip side aren’t you encouraged to talk about stuff if it is getting up on you? I know I need to be strong, I am not even a week into this pivotal shift, and who know’s how long it is going to go on? Will I endure?

Trials and tribulations aside, this is only temporary, I hope, I pray.


This isn’t goodbye, just, see you soon.

Hey everyone, It has been a while since I updated this, I don’t really post much as it is these days, musically really.

Since finishing college and really taking stock of the downtime that comes with it, I hoped to get to a little tour and release some more music, but unfortunately they didn’t really come to light for reasons mostly financially.

Along with that, I have also hit a personal wall. The last three years have been bumpy as far as pursuing music, first I had to win the approval to do so without feeling I was wasting my time, then I developed some wrist issues, then ear problems, which both persist to this day. I have written mountains of songs, idea’s both acoustic and electric guitar orientated. I have notes upon notes of lyrics, musings and scraps that have built up. I have recorded some music both by myself and by the help of wonderful folk in college and got them up online for the first time outside of soundcloud to the likes of Spotify! That, at least in my mind, is a huge leap since “Human Verses” or “Daydreaming & Lullabies”, aforementioned self recordings.


Through all these experiences, I have also battled my inner demons, insecurity, anxiety and depression. FYI, this post might be a little bit more personal, and for that I hope I don’t make you the reader feel uncomfortable, but I believe it all ties together and I have never really talked openly about these things before, especially my inner turmoil and the physical issues I have developed over the years.

It kills me I can’t attend every gig I wishfully could attend, not just to view but also to play. But when you have so little money and such big aspirations, pretty soon you see which one is the bigger dictator as to how much you can achieve. Playing live is a thing some of you may notice I don’t get to do much. And that is not for a want of trying. I also have days where I fear the prospect of even walking out the door, but I do it, ‘cos I know if that fear takes too much of a hold of me, i’ll achieve nothing.

Over the last few months, I have come to some very important decisions and based on my current situations both physically and mentally, I am deciding to put my guitar up for the moment and focus on recharging. Only a small few of you would know how much I have thrown into pursuing this. I have ended relationships, turned down social events, devoted countless hours and weeks rehearsing, even as my ear dysfunction plagued me,  wrists seizing and burning, head ringing. All of which, mind you, has been absolutely worth it. I adore music, writing, creating and collaborating, but there comes a point where you weigh up certain things and come to an understanding that for your passion to be appreciated, it can only exist in your life if you are balanced in every other aspect of your life, and for the largest time I have been so narrowly driven towards “getting there” that I have allowed a lot of other things lose focus.

This isn’t a huge and dramatic post, to be honest,  I don’t understand why I am writing it as the majority of people i know would be okay and accept this decision if said in passing, but perhaps I am simply writing this cement it down even for myself. To help formulate my thoughts so to speak.

Well, friends, I guess I have rambled on as much as I can haha. Thank you for all your support for the past while, for sticking by and being wonderful. This isn’t goodbye, just, see you soon.


“Count On It (Edit)”

Hey Everyone, How are things?

Things in Aaron J. HQ are quiet, as I am coming to the end of the college calendar. I find my schedule wind down a bit, so I am taking stock, and advantage of some R & R. But as things slow down, I am also planning the next phase.

I have been mad in the recording studio recently, and have been putting down some new songs, these songs including my current release shall be compiled on to an EP, for which the full release will be available in  Summer. The EP will be called “Count on it” and will feature three brand new songs. Formerly known as “Singing Songs Just To Sing”, I felt “Count On It” rolls off the tongue better, and conveys the message of the EP more.

I can at this stage confirm the track listing as follows:

  1.  Count On It
  2.  Could It Be
  3.  Love Story
  4.  Just Over Broke

I have been playing around with the idea of releasing an EP that focuses on all aspect of human relationship in the form of love, but two songs I wanted to include on this have not been recorded, so I scrapped that idea, and instead went through my back catalogue and recorded what I felt were my two best songs written in the past two years.

This EP will delve into a few areas thematically, expression, love, loss, and pressures of every day life and follow an introspective and an extrospective view, as we all feel internally and by an large interpet the world as a result of this.

The music on this, I feel is a great indication as to where I am right now and where I want to go as a musician, A lot of music inspired me when I was younger, and I think without being completely OTT, this EP encapsulates a small bit of this eclectic sound, especially opening track “Count On It” which has a little more attitude, rock n roll vibe to it.

I tried to write songs that everyone can sing along to, and also connect with and I hate writing songs that maybe only myself can relate to as is the fear of many artists when they draw deeply in their own experiences, but I find I hit a healthy balance of song writing to which I exorcised some of my own demons, and wrote some relate-able tracks to. However that will be judged by you, the people 😛 Haha

Alongside of the release, I will be looking to organise a showcase event in both Dublin and my local town, as an official launch gig, if anyone would like to get involved and help me organise this, I would reaaaaally appreciate it. This as with the release itself is still in the pipeline, as much as I am a forward thinker, setbacks have to be envisioned as well so hence why I haven’t put anything to a concrete date just yet.

Well that’s it, for another edition of my sporadic blog updates, thank you so much for reading and if you believe in my cause, please share, spread as far and wide also, sharing is caring 😛

Aaron x

Made It?

Good day readers,

Long time no type – type! The usual craic in between, but gazooks have I got news for you. As Of March 23rd, my new song “Could It Be” was cleared for Spotify and other online vendors!! 

To some of course, this would be a “meh” worthy news story, but for me it is a surreal point in my life. For me, it is the difference between being on youtube since 2007, and seeing all my old favourite bands from the living room, hearing their music on CD, then P2P file sharing, then streaming, and all the while thinking these were avenues I’d never reach if I pursued my musical ambitions.

Of course, for a musician wanting to do this for a living streaming sucks, especially the payout to which artists are due, it isn’t a whole lot to even buy a carton of milk, and indeed, I haven’t a HUGE  following. But if someone had asked myself in 2015, if I would have a song on  Spotify, I would have laughed and scoffed. That seemed unlikely to me, I was still jamming in my room, writing songs but not pursuing them outside of that.  It is just a great feeling to know  I am on a platform that is home to great artists and musicians alike. Will I get oodles of streams? Probably not. Will I get a bajillion dollars? Not a hope.

I have learnt a lot in two years, I have hit my head off brick walls sometimes trying to envision a way out of the hole I was in trying to “make” it as a musician. The answer, however is simple.. I have made it. I have written songs that people identify with, a buddy of mine said to me, my first recorded effort “Snakes & Ladders” means a lot to him, that he plays it a lot. That to me says I have made it. When I brought “Could It Be” to the studio,  piano was added, I was thrilled with that, then out of nowhere drums got added and bass. Suddenly it was this huge thing, big sounding song and it was a far cry from the low fi camera recording tunes I have made in my bedroom.

Success is not something tangible, as in you hear a grand symphony when you finally reach the top, in a great chorus fanfare “Dun dun dun dun duuuuuuun, well done, you have done it, you are a success!!!!” Success is a perspective, and the work that goes on behind that one moment you deem a success is what has brought you there. So all those cuts, brusies and tears are the victory speech. I guess, I am not finished of course, I want to keep doing it, recording, releasing, playing, but the moral of that story is, I can’t do it indefinitely. Soon I will be finished college, and the studio time won’t be free. That’s when the eventuality sets in, but that’s okay. It’s a slow race, if I rush ahead, I end up having no energy for when the challenges come, so as they say, slow and steady wins.


Well that is a wrap, reflections of my “career” so far in the bag. If you fancy hearing me on Spotify, the link is below. Have a great Sunday, and have a Happy Mother’s Day to the Mother’s! 🙂


Could It Spiel

Good day everybody,

It has been a little while since I spoke to you all, and for that I apologize. As January melted it’s way into February, I was out playing, recording and doing general human stuff to, which got in the way of the type type..

February was bedlam, on the 28th, I recieved the final mix of “Could It Be” and in that moment, weeks of work came to the fold.. We had initially recorded the song in mid January but due to more instrumentation being added, the guitar and consequently a lot of the song had to be redone, and my oh my it was worth it. At one stage we were recording it in between lunches (it was in college).

That being done, now the song is live, on Soundcloud, Reverberation and Bandcamp, an the response has been mighty. Everyone is digging it and I am so happy, it has been a wonderful journey to this point. Only little two years ago I started writing songs to sing on as well, and I can’t believe at the pace it has all come. I gained 60 plus new likes on Facebook alone, and that’s on par to advertisement. I have been handing out leaflets I made in my local town, linking my song far and wide and been submitting to various online and on air radio stations.

This is just the beginning, I would love to get a video together for this song, so if anyone who is reading this would like to get involved and shoot a music video, holler, I have a TON of idea’s and I want to get some of it down!


If you haven”t heard the song yet and want to, here is the linkage 😉 :

I’ve Been Bitten By A Bug..

Happy nearly February, everybody….! 🙂


And what a month it has been in my camp. This month I have been out playing more, most recent adventure being a great open mic in Swords, Dublin. I have witnessed some great acts, some friends, some I have made friends with, but all equally unique and gifted.


BUT I WANT MORE!! I swear to god, it’s like a bug bit be me.. I am sat here on a quiet Saturday, and I have a burning desire to pack my six string, hustle on up to the bus and get to a venue. I am addicted for sure. It’s good thing I am playing again on Monday in the Workman’s Club, Dublin… 😉


What else.. what else…? OOOOH OOOOH OOOH!  Yeah, recently in college I recorded a new song, titled “Could It Be” and it has turned into quite the behemoth with lots of instrumentation going on,  it has been redone, with vocals the last thing to record, and I am off the edge of my seat to share it with everyone, so keep an eye out for that…!

I am itchy, edgy  for music to be shared and I don’t want to sit on anything for too long but I guess patience is a virtue, one thing I have to constantly remind myself of.. “it’s done when it’s done”. Haha.. grumble grumble 😉

That’s a wrap, gluten free with lots of lovely stuff in it, with fake meats if that’s your bag. I shall catch you next month, hopefully in the interim “Could It Be” will be free and freaky doing it’s thing, until then, toodles!


– Aaron

Merry Soppiness: Cliché “Thank You Post”(Que The Grammy Nominations)

Hey everyone!

Well Xmas came and went like Santy in the night, quick, blink and you’d miss it..

With the festivities and merriment done, it is time for some of the work to begin. This year I am aiming to get out playing a bit more, juggling college and personal life aside, I would love to be able to preform some of my newer songs about.

In that view, I have a gig in early January as part of a talent competition in my local area of Kildare, more can be found on my facebook page (link at the end of this post 😉 ). I am excited due and part to any night I played these and got through to the next round, I felt very surprised. I have always struggled with lack of confidence, especially with my musical endeavours, it took a long time for me to even feel comfortable in my playing enough.

As we come to the new year, I am reflecting on the course of this last year. I  encountered a lot of challenges, some I have not discussed openly about and some I have, but I have come out of the end of it so to speak. I have received a lot of positive support from people and so much kind words, encouragement and boosts that sometimes I feel I can take on the world, and I would just like to say thank you, this is as clichéd as they come but honestly I really f*cking appreciate it..

I will be honest and say, some days I wake up, and think to myself “Dude, you’re twenty-five, you’re still living at home, you are in college studying music and there are supremely no guarantees of a financial stability in this field.. what are you doing??”, the huge  amount of naysaying I say to myself daily is staggering, coupled with my own struggles in myself. What keeps me inevitably going is that, I just bloody love music. I love writing, I love sitting down with a guitar, having nothing in my head and then a half hour later, a chord progression, a melody and some words… and that’s a part of me that is out in the world now. And I did that, that’s something tangible.


This turned into a very soppy post but I am regarding the year in the rollercoaster that it was.. and I am sure 2017 will be no different, but you know what I say? Bring it on like an A Bomb… 😉



ASS-ignments, Learning Curves & X-mas Delights

Hey y’all, Aaron coming at you… not quite literally, that makes me sound very aggressive… haha. Well I have been “bloggily” quiet as I have been sweeping through college ASS-ignments and general pitter patter of life stuff, but I am here to break that silence with some updates.

So first off, “Snakes and Ladders” was recorded last month, and it came out fairly nicely. I am very pleased with the overall sound, but there are a few things I would change that if I were to record it again, maybe work on the vocals a bit more, as I feel they are  pitchy in places. I feel it is a better representation of music than some of my self recorded stuff, it feels a lot more polished. In any of case it has boosted my confidence, and I’m eager to get in to record some more.

Last weekend, I demoed two new songs in the creative centre aka my room, to work out arrangements, as one of them I plan on taking in next. The new song has a lot more in terms of instrumentation than “Snakes..”. It helps a lot to do this before hand, as I have a better idea of the things I would like to do in four hours than just winging it. Which I didn’t necessarily do with the last song, but I also didn’t have much in the way of a definitive plan for it either. Shows the importance of pre-production really. The next song is called “Could It Be?” and it will hopefully get to the chopping board in the new year.

I haven’t played a gig in a few weeks now, and the itch is setting in again. The last show I played was for a college commissioned event, in Liberty Hall none the less! Nice venue, great reception of the song to. We, two college friends and myself, were given the task of writing a song in celebration of a 100 years of youth work. The song proved to be a success, and I felt very proud to have hit that kind of mark, to have co- written and be part of a unit in that way, was something profound and a unique opportunity.

In other gig related news, over the summer I participated in a local Talent show, to which I got into the finals of! Recently the date for which has been finalized, 14th of January, and naturally I have already started organizing my set *insert winking face* haha. As my home ec teacher used to say “Fail to prepare, Prepare to fail”, and that struck a chord with me ever since. Still can barely prepare though.

Now, as we come into the month of Christmas, there have been various events about to help deal with our country’s more pressing matters. I had the pleasure of attending a concert recently to help feed the local area in this time where it’s easy to forget there are a lot of people who don’t have much to go around. To see this event organized was a moving thing, and all the artists who provided music and the people who organized it itself should be very proud, it was a wonderful night.

Well that is a wrap for this month, I might make this blog thing a monthly thing, as it’s a time saver and I also lead such a deliciously boring life (not) it takes a while to amass a blog’s worth of news (again not but I think you can appreciate my sarcastic merriment). Thanks for reading this if you have, and if you haven’t I have no idea why I am still typing…! Haha

Chat in Jan.. 😉


Intro’s, Snakes & Ladders, and Live appreciations.

Hello one and all, or as we say in Ireland, n’all!

How do you like the wordpress site? Very handy for making a one stop rant shop for the busy muso on the go! It has a certain DIY charm that I personally find quaint… haha

So in about a weeks time, I head into studio for the second time, but first for a solo release. I did a Facebook poll last week out of two songs for which would get the spotlight, and Snakes & Ladders swept up the most votes, so I obliged. Now I have been busy making album art, preparing various little projects to help the ease of making it accessible, this site being a precursor for that and future releases.


I also played and open mic night recently (named “Ronnie Wood Sessions” accordingly) , and I saw some awesome performances, a stand out one from a local man named Mat, who sang originals that could have been heard on radio and done well. I love nights like that, where you decide on a whim to attend a live session and get blown away, humbled and inspired all in one go.

I have also been busy writing, as per, and managed to refine a few older songs… it’s getting very hard to keep track off all the idea’s I have, there is only so much internal memory my phone has for all the voice recordings and writing of lyrics, sometimes bleary eyed rants at four in the morning, so I figured a blog space could come in handy for at least the lyrical ends, get a critique or to from the internet world as well.

Well I think that about concludes this blog post, and I’ll sign off by saying another thank you for your view (stumbled upon or intentional) and hope you stick around for the journeys to come.


All the best,